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Our focused services goals are to improve the behavioral symptoms of autism that interfere with the child’s ability to learn new skills in the home or community environments. Services are typically targeting specific domain areas such as challenging behaviors, functional communication trainin be based on the skills targeted and the level of need.

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Our comprehensive services typically consist of 25 or more hours per week with a team of behavior therapist supervised by a behavior analyst. The number of hours is determined by conducting an assessment and developing an appropriate treatment plan. Treatment plan goals are typically across a variety of domains and focus on teaching functional communication, expressive and receptive language, social skills, play skills, independent living skills and reduction in challenging behaviors. Services can occur in the home or at our center.

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Treatment Consultation

Our consultation model looks at focusing on empowering the parent or caregiver to develop and implement goals. Services typically involve a functional behavioral assessment (FBA), discussion with homework, coaching and feedback.

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